adplus hybrid self-cleaning screening system


Best suited for screening sticky materials

When all else fails, ADPLUS Hybrid Self-Cleaning Screening System are side tensioned PU wire screen mats that deliver fuss-free install-and-forget screening of sticky materials on your vibrating screens.   

How it Works

Steel wires are bonded to the polyurethane (PU) strips. Each steel wire vibrates independently, allowing maximum screen efficiently without blinding.  

Self-Cleaning Mesh Aperture


Standard for screen mats with aperture sizes of 10mm and below. Eliminating product size contamination by preventing material to fall into the gaps between screen mats. 

Self-Cleaning Mesh Overlap

Customised Design

Slots for bolt positions as well as vibrating screen deck supports are customised. This increases the durability of the ADPLUS Hybrid Self-Cleaning screen nats 

Self-Cleaning Mesh Customised Design