About Us

It All Started with a Simple Idea

Simply Better Crushers

Trimax Machinery was founded in Singapore in 2009 with a simple aim to provide "Simply Better Crushers" for rock and mineral processing in the mining, aggregate production and associated crushing industries.

Since then, Trimax Machinery has become an engineering company committed to our customers that yield superior productivity and return on investment. The common fundamental foundation of all our crushing machinery is superior efficiency and durability incorporated into their design.

Our concentration of business originated within the South East Asian region, with subsidiary companies in Indonesia and Malaysia. However, by continously building our brand and intensifying our global marketing communication efforts to the rest of the world, we are making significant inroads in expanding our global reach through local distributors. 

Keys to our Sucess


Key to our success is an unwavering commitment to quality throughout every aspect of our business. Trimax Machinery works with qualified suppliers who can ensure that our products are amongst the best-in-class in terms of stringent and consistent quality.


After-sales service includes us maintaining a minimum stock level of all spare parts for our crushing machinery, machinery operators attending an user training program at one of our assembly plants, as well as a service maintenance program whereby regular on-site visits are made by our Service Engineers to check on the condition of the machinery whilst in operation.


We are constantly looking for ways and opportunities to enhance our solutions to the mining and aggregate quarrying industries in terms of scope and depth. Launching our ADPLUS Online Shop in 2021 is just the newest manifestation of this objective.