Trimax Complete Plant Solution

Trimax Machinery has extensive know-how in designing, planning and executing completely new crushing and screening plants. We are now able to offers customers a comprehensive range of goods and services aimed at eliminating interfaces to ensure maximum customer benefits. Our portfolio ranges from customized sections of a crushing plant to complete turn-key plants of modular design.

This has decisive advantages for our customers when planning and installing a turn-key crushing and screening plant, as they only have one contact, and clearly defined project responsibility - which we are pleased to assume.



- Pre-design of complete plant layout as well as detailed individual components.

- Greater control over costs, scheduling, and product quality of peripheral equipment.

- All structures are pre-fabricated and pre-assembled at factory before shipping.

- Fast installation and on-site commissioning.

- Swift Return on Investment.

- Modular plants can be dismantled & reassembled at another location in future, if necessary.

- Modular plants can react faster to dynamic market conditions as individual sections can be modified in future.

Decisive Advantages of Modular Turn-Key Plants

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